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my Portfolio.

If I had a title for my professional life will be "Cooking is part of my life."

Now you’re probably asking yourself what point I’m trying to say with this, right?

I’m always learning about this art by myself and also with other people. The biggest lesson that I have learned in cooking was a thing that I've heard from a Chef a few years ago - "Culinary isn't about memorizing recipes or replicating them, but how to hold the attention of people to the point that they'll forget everything around Them and focus only on the flavors. In short,
It'll bring Them a little positive moment that will be always in their memories. ” 

So, for me, advertising and art direction
aren’tso different.

There isn’t a recipe, it’s about pushing yourself to study, listening to other people, and using this knowledge to create new stories in many ways. 

Both of them have the same intention: to turn something into a single moment that will stay in people’s memories. 

And I hope to stay in your memory both ways: when we have the chance to work together
and when you try one of my recipes. It’ll be a pleasure.

 A little bit more about me.

Over 12 years of experience as Creative Art Director and Designer building creative platforms for integrated brand experiences (ATL, BTL, Digital, and Social Media) helping agencies to deliver multi-layered narratives for global brands like Old Spice, Ford, Kraft Foods, HSBC, Exxon Mobil, and Puma, Renault, TNT, Visa.

I had the pleasure of working in Curitiba and São Paulo at agencies like JWT, Wunderman, G2 Worldwide, F.biz(a WPP agency), DPZ Publicis  always in the creative area like Designer and Art Director.

 Currently, I'm working as a Creative Art Director at VMLY&R, creating for FORD, TNT and Vivo.

And I have launched the first advertising yearbook of UFPR to help the students to show their work to the market. 

Then I got a degree by specializing in UX Design at Positivo University after this
I studied product designer at Academia Internacional de Cinema.
Feel free to contact me if you want.
Drop a line at fernandoxvieira@gmail.com, call me at +55 11 95215 6524, or add me on Linkedin.


Previous Employers

Some Clients


VMLY&R (Currently) 
DPZ&T Publicis Groupe
F.Biz -SP

Wunderman - SP
G2 - WorldWilde - Curitiba
MIRUM/JWT - Curitiba
CS Revue - Curitiba
Mater Natura - Curitiba

Jeep, Renault, Ford, HSBC, Danone,
Exxon Mobil, Old Spice, Bosch, P&G,
Kraft Foods, Coke, Puma, Red Bull, TNT, Visa.

Shortlist New York Festivals 2023 (Personal Project) ☞  
THE G100 AWARDS  G100 Limitless
ShortList Clube de Criação 2018 ☞ Design and Promo - with Roaring Helmet

Gold Lusófonos ☞ digital with Old Spice
Sigi Awards 2013 ☞ Info Jobs film
Gold Colunistas 2012 ☞ Case and Integrated Medias
Gold Colunistas 2012 ☞ Digital Media
Gold colunistas 2011 ☞ Alternative Media
Mostre a Cara award 2010 ☞ Silver 
Ponto Pasta award 2009 ☞ Gold
Ponto Pasta award 2008 ☞ Silver and bronze
Yearbook CCPR
yearbook Ads of the world